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At Elevated Dental, our mission is to provide you with comprehensive and personalized restorative dental services. Whether you're dealing with tooth decay, missing teeth, or other oral health issues, our team led by Dr. Timothy Jung is dedicated to restoring your smile and enhancing your quality of life.

Why Choose Elevated Dental?

  • Comprehensive Range of Services

From crowns and bridges to implant restorations and composite fillings, we offer a full spectrum of restorative options tailored to meet your unique needs.

  • Advanced Technology and Techniques

Utilizing the latest advancements in dental technology, we ensure precise and effective treatments for optimal results.

  • Customized Treatment Plans

Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan, crafted to address their specific oral health concerns and goals.

  • Highly Skilled Professionals

Our team of experienced dental professionals is committed to delivering high-quality care with a focus on comfort and reassurance.

Our Restorative Dental Services


Revitalize damaged or weakened teeth with our durable and natural-looking crowns. Designed to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth, crowns provide both strength and aesthetic enhancement.


Bridge the gap caused by missing teeth with our expertly crafted dental bridges. These restorations not only restore function but also improve the appearance of your smile.

Implant Restorations

Regain complete functionality and a natural look with our state-of-the-art implant restorations. Implants are a long-lasting solution that mimics the structure of natural teeth.

Composite Fillings

Address cavities and minor damage with our tooth-colored composite fillings. These fillings are designed to blend in with your natural teeth, providing a discreet yet effective solution.

Meet Dr. Timothy Jung

Dr. Timothy Jung brings years of experience and a passion for restorative dentistry to Elevated Dental. Known for his compassionate approach and commitment to excellence, Dr. Jung ensures that each patient receives individualized care in a welcoming environment.

Ready to Restore Your Smile?

We invite you to experience the Elevated Dental difference. Contact us today to learn more about our restorative dental services and schedule your appointment with Dr. Timothy Jung. Your path to a healthier, more beautiful smile starts here.

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